Thursday, 2 July 2009

Stressful Day

Breath tastes like stale beer

Kiss her as I leave

Bike has a flat tire

Broke my sunglasses yesterday

Squinting in the morning sun

UV rays lead to headaches

$2.50 for the bus

Moment of serenity while eating a bagel

New task on the job is both dull and complicated

Health comes into question now that Michael Jackson is dead

Rising health concerns due to increased belly fat

Belly fat bulging over the belt line of my shorts

Mind never stops wandering to issues of great concern

Must attend a wedding in a week

Must buy a new suit for the occasion

Must buy a new tire

Should get some exercise tonight but I have some shopping to do

A protest to photograph

A movie to attend

My left knee is acting up again

I’ve been avoiding opening my credit card bill

It calls for my attention like an ugly ex-girlfriend

The tension in my chest snakes down to my arm

My left arm is weaker than my right

Scanning the web for degenerative diseases

Working with the knowledge that this job is a waste of my talents

I miss writing as an outlet for frustration and confusion

Blowing off responsibility to do so right now

Wondering if I’ll ever get where I’m going

Tapping senselessly on a keyboard

Thoughts wander as aimless as the Messiah

Chatting with workmates through an online forum

Looking at my workmates in the flesh

Pining away for my pillow

Break for lunch without a word

Pinch the fat of my belly as I walk

Tensions are high at the sandwich shop

The mall is a frenzy

$600 for half-decent suits

Dust in the office clogs up the sinuses

Deadlines are looming

Payment of Medical Service Plan approaching

Failing to ignore a toothache

Reading that dental health and life span are inextricably linked

Scanning the web for information on the matter

Resist the urge to buy myself a Slurpee

Fail to resist the urge to buy myself a Slurpee

Have the first afternoon cigarette four or five months

Smoking is a way to snuff myself out

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Jessie said...

I got stressed out just now, reading this. Way to go.